Panama Finca La Valentina Geisha Anaerobic Natural - Anniversary Edition (100/ 200g)

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About This Coffee

Awarded Bronze medal in the Pourover, Single Origin category at Royal Melbourne Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2022.

For our 10th anniversary, we celebrated a Decade of Dedication to the social contribution, our people, love of coffee, and using business as a force for good. To symbolise 10 Bettr years, our special Anniversary Edition coffees were each chosen for their significance in our journey in the last decade.

In 2012, our founder, Pam, put her best foot forward at her first barista competition with this Panamanian Geisha coffee from Finca La Valentina. This Geisha micro-lot had won 1st place in 2011 Best of Panama competition. Finca la Valentina became our first direct trade partner and still is for more than 10 years. It is only fitting that we kick off our series of Anniversary Edition coffee with our first Geisha, first direct-trade, and first competition coffee.

Finca La Valentina is a micro estate family-owned farm run by the Osorio brothers in the Boquete region of Panama. Agricultural practices were all done by hand and no pesticides were used. This coffee was processed with Casa Ruiz, a highly reputable coffee house in Panama committed to community, family development in the region, and strict environmental standards.

This natural processed coffee had been fermented anaerobically for 15 days after which the whole cherries were naturally sun-dried on African beds with skin on and pulp on. The anaerobic fermentation enhanced the profile, including refining sweetness, acidity and body.




Processing Method:
Anaerobic Natural Process

Tasting Notes:
Mango, Peach, Sweet Liquor, Smooth Juicy Body & Finish


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