[Bettr x Liberty Society] Bettr 'Growing Tree' T-Shirt - Anniversary Edition

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About This Item
The anniversary edition T-Shirt designs were crowd-sourced by Bettr’s own crew, each with their own meaning and story. The shirts themselves are made of bamboo fiber and come from Liberty Society. While Bettr uses coffee to change lives, Liberty uses fashion to empower refugee women in Indonesia.

All tees are made from sustainably sourced, bamboo cotton and sewn by refugee women. Bettr’s anniversary T-shirts come in four designs illustrating the journey of
coffee, grasping the plant (and opportunity), and the company’s values of Being Bettr. Get yours in colours like black, navy blue, steel blue, or white. Sizes XS - 3XL available.

Colour: Navy Blue 

Combed Cotton
Composition:100% cotton fiber
Texture: soft, smooth and cooling
Absorption: good



Liberty Society 

A social enterprise based in Indonesia that empowers women affected by violence and extreme poverty to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness, through up-skilling opportunities, a community of support, and access to the market.

Aiming to bring smile to the wearers and purpose to the makers, we pride ourselves in creating high-quality, eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle goods for the socially and environmentally conscious. Through our training to employment model, we work with brands who value transparency, fair labor practices, and support a more conscious fashion industry.