Anniversary Edition Coffee Single-Serve Drip Bags (Pack of 7)

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About this item

Our single-serve drip bags are perfect for those who work from home or are always on the go - and would like to keep away from the mess of coffee grounds and cleaning up. These compact, efficient and easy to use drip bags require less prep time without compromising the coffee's quality and flavours - the ideal quick caffeine fix!

Perk up your day and make the perfect cuppa by simply tearing open the single-serve drip bag, pouring hot water over the coffee grounds and removing the drip bag from your cup once the brew has been fully drained. 

Anniversary Edition Coffee Single-serve drip bags

Indonesia Argopuro East Java Walida Cooperative Anaerobic Natural

This delicate, natural anaerobic processed coffee comes from Tlogosari village in the foothills of Mt. Argopuro in East Java. It is our first direct trade coffee from Indonesia — we work with the next-generation Indonesian coffee professionals committed to developing the quality and sustainability of Indonesian coffee.

Ethiopia Idedo Yirgacheffe Natural G1 - Kefyalew Mekuria

We buy this delicate coffee from Mr. Kefyalew Mekuria’s naturally processed microlot from Idedo, in the Yirgacheffe region of southwest Ethiopia. His organically grown coffee’s adopts the garden coffee farm approach with mixed-crop plots of other fruits and food staples, resulting in rich soil health and unique flavours of hibiscus, lychee and white chocolate.

Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon

Our first Rwandan beans are direct-trade from Kinunu Agroprocessing, a family owned farm on the shores of Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda. 90% of Kinunu Agroprocessing's farmers in western Rwanda are women, and the family farm supports community development in the area.

Yemen Sana'a Ibb Highlands

This natural processed coffee is from the Sana’a-Ibb highlands, home to a group of smallholders who combine their heirloom varieties from their steep, terraced farms on highland mountain peaks. This mix of organically grown natural processed coffee produces a uniquely sweet coffee that is perfect for espresso.

Yemen Mokha Matari

This natural processed Mokha Matari comes from a preserved heirloom microlot in the highlands of Sana’a, produced by 100 farmers in Bani Marari, exported by Fatoum Muslot.

 How to prepare:

Step 1: Tear open drip bag along the perforation and separate filter opening

Step 2: Pull apart hangers and clip onto your coffee cup rim

Step 3: Gently and evenly pour 150ml hot water into the drip bag till the surface of the coffee bed is fully saturated

Step 4: Drip for 20-30 secs before disposing. Enjoy your coffee!



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