Versa Coffee Capsules
Versa is one of our most popular house blends composing of 100% premium quality Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia,
with a wonderfully versatile blend that is bold and robust, yet fun and friendly to all palates! Experience Versa in easy, convenient
and compostable coffee capsules! Indulge in tasting notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolates and Nuts in your cuppa!

Myanmar Ywar Ngan Coffee Capsules and Bundles
Enjoy 30% off Myanmar Ywar Ngan Blend coffee capsules and bundles! The Myanmar blend is a combination of 
three different processing methods: Fully Washed, Semi-Washed & Natural. Developed by our roasters to bring out a wholesome 
mixture of flavours from tantalising Fruitiness, to rich Chocolatey flavour and rounding it off with sweet Caramelised Brown Sugar. 
You can also get the best of both flavours from our Versa and Myanmar Ywar Ngan Blend Coffee Capsule Bundle!
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