ARAM Espresso Maker with Steel Support

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About This Item

The ARAM espresso maker is the first and only Brazilian espresso method and is handmade in Brazil by a group of local craftsmen with high levels of care and precision. This espresso maker is portable, does not require electricity and is zero waste as it does not require filter paper.

With the ARAM espresso maker, immerse yourself in the art of manual espresso and have full control over the brewing process and the coffee's quality. Easily create pressure from 0 to 15 bars to extract the full potential of your coffee beans. Choose to add cold, warm or boiling water to extract your coffee the way you want. Lastly, experiment with pressure profiles by turning the crank at a fast or slow pace, to achieve a coffee that suits your palette.

Each wood has its own original and exclusive texture. They can vary in tone, so your coffee maker will always be unique. Because it has a natural material, the wood cover may have small cracks or cracks at the base and top. It does not influence the preparation of coffee and is not considered a defect.

The Aram Espresso Maker includes:
- Aram Espresso Maker 
- Steel Support
- Shot Glass
- Tamper
- Double filter basket 53 mm
- Naked Portafilter
- Tool Driver supporter

ARAM® Espresso maker + support
- Height: 317 mm
- Width: 170 mm
- Depth: 220 mm
- Weight: 4,06 kg

- Height: 165 mm
- Width: 170 mm
- Depth: 220 mm
- Weight: 3,14 kg
- Material: Steel 1020 galvanized with powder coat

ARAM® Espresso maker
- Height: 185 mm
- Width: 70 mm
- Width with handle crank: 204 mm
- Weight: 920 g
- Material: 304 stainless steel and noble wood