[Bettr x WhatIF Foods] Ready-To-Mix Cold Brew & BamNut Milk Pack

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About This Pack
Perfected your own cold brew recipe and would like to make your own? This pack is the one for you! With its rich and decadent flavour, our sugar-free Cold Brew Concentrate is able to maintain its strong and smooth taste when mixed with both BamNut Milk Barista and Everyday.

BamNut Milk Everyday is versatile, creamy and the perfect all-rounder milk for your morning coffee or when mixing your own cold brew. BamNut Milk Barista on the other hand is velvety smooth, creating the perfect foam. It is the perfect go-to concoction for your cappuccino, latte and even tea.

A milk alternative that is organically nourishing, the BamNut Milk is 100% plant based milk made from the regenerative crop, Bambara groundnut. It is able to thrive in tough conditions while fixing nitrogen back into the soil, as a result, restoring it.

Bettr and WhatIf Foods’ like-minded belief in a better and regenerative way of thinking, drinking and living resulted in a joint collaboration with a main focus on sustainable consumption.


DIY Cold Brew Pack - BamNut Milk Barista ($24.50):
- 1x Cold Brew Concentrate (700ml)
- 1x BamNut Milk Barista (1L)

DIY Cold Brew Pack - BamNut Milk Everyday ($24):
- 1x Cold Brew Concentrate (700ml)
- BamNut Milk Everyday (1L)

DIY Cold Brew Duo Pack - BamNut Milk Barista  ($30):
- 1x Cold Brew Concentrate (700ml)
- 2x BamNut Milk Barista (1L)

- NO Artificial Sweeteners 
- NO Artificial Colours 
- NO Preservatives 
- NO Stabilisers 
- NO Emulsifiers

Best Consumed
Cold Brew Concentrate - Within 2 weeks from production date. Keep cool and refrigerated.
BamNut Milk Barista - Store the unopened pack in a cool, dry place. Once open, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.

This product is not available for pickup option at our head office or retail stores.

Our Cold Brews are made to order and are delivered chilled to ensure their smooth and refreshing taste doesn't get compromised. Cold Brew orders are delivered every Wednesday, 9am - 4pm.

Orders received by 12pm on Tuesday will be delivered on Wednesday in the same week and anything after will be delivered on the Wednesday of the week after. Please ensure that someone will be around to receive your delivery to place the cold brew into the refrigerator immediately.

Ingredients: Water, Bambara groundnuts, coconut oil, shea butter, calcium, vitamin D2 and vitamin B12

Allergen Warning: Made in a factory that also handles milk and tree nuts. This product contains Bambara groundnut - a legume related to peanuts.