Finca La Valentina Geisha Anaerobic Natural

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To symbolise 10 Bettr years in our first decade of operation, our special Anniversary Edition coffees were each chosen for their significance in our journey these ten years. Back in 2012, our founder Pam had put her best foot forward at her first barista competition with this simply irresistible Geisha from Finca La Valentina. The plantation would also become our first direct trade partner, a relationship that continues till today. It is thus only fitting for this first of many firsts to be the headlining champion of our Anniversary Edition series.

With its generally elongated beans and distinctive floral, citrus and cocoa cup, the Geisha variety has continued to charm coffee aficionados the world over with its distinctive characteristics. In this case, the unique attributes of the varietal are matched with a natural processing regime featuring a 15 day-long anaerobic fermentation period, after which the whole cherries are naturally sun-dried on African beds with both skin and pulp on. The anaerobic fermentation enhances the profile, further refining the sweetness, acidity and body present. It yields a clean cup with high acidity, floral citrus fragrance matched with fruity aromas, hints of sweet liquor and a refreshingly juicy body.

Awarded Bronze medal in the Pourover, Single Origin category at Royal Melbourne Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2022.