Ilsa Milk Pitcher Easy (300/600 ml)

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About This Item
Designed and made in Italy by Ilsa, The milk pitcher series 'Easy' is made with 18/10 stainless steel and has a dripless spout which is perfect for the professional barista working with the technique of latte art. 

The hollowed base and the conical shape of the jug are designed to direct the flow of milk circularly when steaming. Additionally, the curvilinear and electro-welded handle makes it practical and ergonomic.

- Material: Stainless Steel 18/08
- External colour: Mirror Finished
- Size: 600ml (20oz), 300ml (10oz)
- Cups: 6 (600ml ), 3 (300ml)
- Base: hollowed
- Handle: electro-welded
- Ideal for: latte art