[Limited Release] Orange Coffee Chocolate (40g)

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About this product

The Orange Coffee Chocolate is a decadent combination of rich dark chocolate with zingy orange peel and freshly roasted coffee beans. A 100% delicious chocolate that does good for the environment!

In collaboration with Wildness, this coffee chocolate symbolises both Bettr Coffee and Wildness’ advocacy in uplifting marginalised communities and providing fair employment opportunities.

Cocoa Mass 57%*, Cane Sugar 17%*, Cocoa Butter 5%*, Coffee Beans*, Orange Peel*, Soy Lethicin*. *Organic, Dairy and Gluten Free, Halal Certified.

From day one, our mission is to build a more sustainable coffee industry and we believe in taking daily steps to lessen our environmental impact by ensuring that we source sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and printing.

As such, we are proud to share that our Orange Coffee Chocolate is a 100% zero waste product. 

  • The chocolate box is 100% fully compostable made with FSC certified paper. 
  • Printed with soy ink made from soybeans.
  • The "plastic" wrapper for the chocolate is not plastic but fully plant-based.

    Sustainable Delivery Service

    We strive to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of your journey with us. Through our delivery partner, 100% of carbon emissions for orders placed on our website and delivered via their platform are offset.

    How does it work?
    They measure the amount of carbon generated in each delivery and purchase carbon offsets to support projects that lessen greenhouse gas emissions. This conscious effort supports a sustainable future and reduces climate impact.


    More about Wildness

    Wildness Asia works with APSN CFA to provide equal work opportunities for trainees and create an inclusive society through the art of chocolate making and baking. They started in New Zealand in 2014, working with inmates to empower them with skills in the Chocolate manufacturing process.