The BETTR Gift Sets & Merchandise

As the season of giving rolls right around the corner, never worry about what gift to get your family and friends this coming holiday season! In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we've lined up special gift sets and merchandise with plenty of choices to choose from. From Kits and Bundles made up of all things coffee, to uniquely designed T-Shirts by the Bettr crew, to a special coffee chocolate made with our very own Bold Heart beans and a hard to miss bright yellow thermal flask, we've got your gifting woes covered! 

Festive Coffee Kits

These coffee kits are perfect for gifting or if you want to give yourself a little treat! We've carefully hand-picked each of these kits made up with all of our Anniversary Edition Coffees, with a few extra treats, that you or its recipient will definitely enjoy! Enter the world of coffee with our Festive Coffee Kits. Go on a wild coffee exploration journey with The Coffee Explorer Kits containing Single Origin Anniversary Edition Coffees and our NEW Heart Blend . Looking to make your first ever brew? Look no further as The Nifty Brewer Kit is the perfect starter kit! 

[Bettr x WhatIF Foods] Ready-To-Mix Cold Brew Set

Know someone who enjoys making their own cold brew? The 'New Mylk' cold brew set is the perfect gift
for them, complete with our rich Cold Brew Concentrate and WhatIF Foods' NEW BamNut Milk Barista, a 100% plant-based milk
made from the regenerative crop, Bambara groundnut, that is organically nourishing and creamy.

[Bettr x "I AM"] Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon

and "I AM" Buddy Bag

A gift supporting a good cause, celebrating the true meaning of the season of giving. Bettr supports the “I AM” campaign through the partnership with the Alliance for Active Action Against HPV (A4HPV), a ground-up group that believes in empowering everyone to build a Bettr World without cervical cancer. 

The Easy Brew Bundle

Looking for an easy way to get your everyday dose of caffeine? The Easy Brew pack consists of assorted drip bags that are easy and convenient to use — anywhere, anytime! A sweet surprise is also waiting for you from our Bold & Wild anniversary chocolate coffee made with Bold Heart beans — in collaboration with Wildness Asia — that you can easily pair with your drink.

[Bettr x Liberty Society] 

Capsule collection by Bettr crew

The anniversary edition T-Shirt designs were crowd-sourced by Bettr’s own crew, each with their own meaning and story. The shirts are made of bamboo fiber and come from Liberty Society. While Bettr uses coffee to change lives, Liberty uses fashion to empower refugee women in Indonesia.

Special Edition Merchandise