This year we celebrate 10 years done Bettr

For our anniversary, we’re looking back at a Decade of Dedication — to social impact, our people, the love of coffee, and using 

business as a force for good.

It was a busy decade with all the things we worked to do Bettr: becoming Singapore’s first certified B Corp, propelling the early 

social enterprise scene into the dynamic landscape it is today, and most importantly, carving out our brand identity by doing, 

rather than just talking. The amount of support we’ve generated over the last 10 years testifies to this.

The theme to A Decade of Dedication is embodied by the ‘D’ adjectives characterising the Bettr Group. 

We ‘DO’ with:

Dedication | Difference | Devotion | Determination |  Desire Discipline | Destiny | Daring | Diligence | Diversity | Drive

We have 10 special anniversary edition coffees chosen for their significance in Bettr’s decade of dedication, new virtual experiences and not forgetting our core of giving back to the communities we operate in, lined up in the coming months.

10th Anniversary Edition

Ecuador Finca Cruz Loma - Caturra Honey - Grace Morales and 
Colombia Finca El Casino - Pink Bourbon - Jose Martinez