Bettr Coffee is a full service provider for all of your specialty coffee needs. Providing a one-stop solution is our specialty, whether it is an essential accessory, brewing equipment, or quality roasted beans - we have your solution.

Astoria is a historic brand that represents the finest Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. It is also the original core of the CMA group, which was founded in 1969 by Nello Dal Tio. It was officially acquired by the Ryoma holding company of Milan in October 2012. Today, after a long growth process, Astoria represents excellence in espresso coffee machines around the world.

Astoria’s greatest technological achievement is the Plus 4 You, the first energy-saving espresso coffee machine. Its absolute stability, even under heavy workloads and in any climate, guarantees that this Astoria flagship model delivers optimal results, even in conditions of extreme use.Astoria is distributed on five continents in 130 countries in the world and our customers can count on a wide network of business and technical services.Bettr Coffee is proud to be the official distributors of Astoria in Singapore. 

The choice of baristas the world overMAZZER LUIGI S.R.L. was established in 50's as a precision machine workshop and became in few years a leader manufacturer of commercial coffee grinders and grinder-dosers. From the beginning Mazzer never changed its philosophy oriented to precision and reliability of its coffee grinders which led the company to be today the reference manufacturer in this sector.Bettr Coffee provides Astoria-badged Mazzer grinders.

Top-of-the-line commercial coffee brewing equipment

The Curtis name is synonymous with a full line of the world’s most advanced, top-of-the-line commercial coffee brewing equipment, iced tea brewing systems and specialty beverage dispensers. 

Founded in 1941, Curtis has remained a family-owned business that is committed to the principles of quality workmanship, personal loyalty and family values. The company has also embraced new innovations and technologies to better meet the needs of an ever-changing market. 

Today Curtis continues to lead the way with the application of G3 technology across all brewing systems. The company recently introduced the THERMOPRO™, a line of high-end gourmet brewing solutions with non-heat serving vessels and an evolution of G3 programming that provides preset brewing recipes for a variety of gourmet coffees, all with the touch of a button. 

Bettr Coffee is proud to be the official distributors of Wilbur Curtis equipment in Singapore.

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Freshly roastedspecialty-grade coffee on state-of-the-art equipment

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