"My colleagues and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Service at Bettr Barista is impeccable, as always. Beyond the fun, we are deeply grateful to Pamela for her candid sharing about Bettr Barista’s business and her experience in leading the Bettr Barista team in your journey through change. As a team who is embarking on our own journey, her sharing is invaluable to us.Bettr Barista has planned the 2-hour programme very well, a good balance between the sensory and hands-on experience. Levina is a great trainer—clearly an expert in all things coffee, and able to pass on her knowledge and skills in a warm and personal manner. Have attached what our team did, with plenty of help from her, of course! (picture is only for your reference please).One of my colleagues asked if she could come to the café as a walk-in customer, another said that she was inspired by the whole experience. I don’t think I need to say more for our feedback.I saw Celine yesterday (was a shame I missed you!). While she didn’t remember me, I was inspired by how she has blossomed into a lovely, young lady, with such quiet confidence. I am glad to see Jo, whom I met in 2012 too. She is now mentoring young trainees! Both of them are a testament to Bettr Barista’s good work. May Bettr Barista continue to be a formidable force for good globally."

-Tze Min Soh, MOE HQ