Looking to develop and retail coffee products?

Our full suite of services allows us to create custom coffee products to suit your taste and budgetary requirements. Our independently owned coffee roasting and packing facility offers a wide range of coffees and private label packing solutions. 

Our years of expertise, experienceand understanding of the coffee market makes us the preferred supply partner for your coffee business.

✔  Wide range of Coffees sourced from a range of coffee producing regions from Asia to Latin America, various blends and taste profiles
✔  Evaluated by in-house team of licensed Q-Graders ensuring we bring the best coffees from the world to you
✔  Reliable & Experienced production powerhouse, operating our ISO-22000 Certified roastery six days per week, to match your needs
✔  Committed to working directly with small hold farmers who hold ecology and community development as their guiding values



A step-by-step guide

Needs analysis 

Keen to develop your own brand of coffee? Whether you require our expertise on a single step of your process or to handle end to end production of your coffee product, get in touch and we'll be able to recommend the appropriate solution. 


Based on your requirements, we will experiment and develop a prototype of your product for review. 

This covers all steps from R&D, sample cupping of green beans, developing sample roast profiles of new blends, to the packaging and developing taste profile of the final product.

Confirmation of product / concept 

Our team will work with you to review the offering based on your feedback, continuing to make minor tweaks till there is a finalised the end product or service.

Commence mass production 

Be it a once-off or recurring production cycle, take a back seat while our team sends your final product for production. For recurring orders, coffees are roasted and packed to order based on the frequency and volume you require, ensuring maximum freshness.  


Working with our own logistics team and partners, we waste no time delivering it to you as soon as your products are completed. Email us to find out more now. 


How can we assist you?

Green Coffee Sourcing 

Working with partners and nurturing direct relationships with farmers wherever we can, we source from over 20 producing countries globally. 

Our team of licensed Q-Graders conduct rigorous taste tests and evaluation, to ensure we offer the best range of coffees from the world to you. 

Research & Development 

With identified green coffees, our experienced team of roasters will sample roast and experiment to derive a blend profile that suits your requirements best. Adjustments are made after taste evaluations as we lock down the roast and blend profile. 

You can also work with us to identify which products will work best for your blend - Whole beans, ground powder, single drip or capsules. 

Design, Brand Development & Packaging 

Working with design and printing partners, we offer a full suite of services that help you develop the labels and packaging materials that are perfect for your brand.

Roasting & Packing

Ranging from once-off production to weekly or fortnightly roasting cycles, once the roast and blend profile is confirmed, we will enter the production phase, where our team of highly-experienced roasters will roast to order based on your requirements. 

Blending and packing will be done consecutively at our ISO-22000 certified facility to ensure consistent quality. Final packaging checks are conducted by our QA officers before the items are sent out for delivery.