Bean & Brew Kit - Clever Coffee Dripper (11oz)

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About This Bundle
Just starting out on your home brewing, specialty coffee journey or looking for a new equipment to add to your collection? We've got a bundle for you that comes equipped with the powerful and versatile Clever 'Steep-and-Release' Coffee Dripper and a bag of our signature coffee beans! Time to get clever!

- Seemingly a pourover but a valve in the bottom allows coffee to be constantly immersed in brew water, making it an immersion-style brewer, like the humble plunger
- Easy to use
- Parameters are very repeatable
- Possibility to tweak certain criteria in isolation with each other because of its valve
- Coffee similar to a French press, but without leaving a mess

Bundle contains:
- Clever Coffee Dripper (11 Oz)
- 100 pcs of Filter Paper
- A bag of 200/250g Coffee Beans 

Bundle with Heart Blend 250g at $50 (U.P. $54)
Bundle with Bold Heart 250g at $50 (U.P. $54)
Bundle with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural 250g at $52 (U.P. $56)
Bundle with Roaster's pick beans 200/250g at $59 (worth up to $67)
(Coffee from the anniversary edition will be in bags of 200g)  

If you do not have a coffee grinder, you may opt for a grind option when placing your order - we will assist with the grinding and re-sealing of chosen coffee beans for brewing.

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