[Bettr x WhatIF Foods] Black Cold Brew and BamNut Milk White Cold Brew Bundle

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About This Coffee
Taste the best of both worlds with our Black Cold Brew and BamNut Milk White Cold Brew. A classic cold brew choice, our Black Cold Brew is a smooth and mellow cup that is lightly sweetened, perfect to drink at any time of the day.

Together with our Black Cold Brew, experience this first-of-its kind BamNut Milk White Cold Brew that is exclusively made with our best-selling signature blend, infused with the creamy goodness of the newly launched, BamNut Milk Everyday! 

A milk alternative that is organically nourishing, the BamNut Milk is 100% plant based milk made from the regenerative crop, Bambara groundnut. It is able to thrive in tough conditions while fixing nitrogen back into the soil, as a result, restoring it. 

​​BamNut Milk White Cold Brew is the fruit of Bettr and WhatIf Foods’ like-minded belief in a better and regenerative way of thinking, drinking and living with a main focus on sustainable consumption.

Tasting notes: nuts, prune and caramel.

Available in 320ml:
6-pack Black Cold Brew and BamNut Milk White Cold Brew: $38

Best consumed:
- Black Cold Brew Coffee: within 2 weeks from production date 
- Dairy-free Cold Brew Coffee: within 7 days from production date.
Keep cool and refrigerated.

This product is not available for pickup option at our head office or retail stores.

Our Cold Brews are made to order and are delivered chilled to ensure their smooth and refreshing taste doesn't get compromised. Cold Brew orders are delivered every Wednesday, 9am - 4pm.

Orders received by 12pm on Tuesday will be delivered on Wednesday in the same week and anything after will be delivered on the Wednesday of the week after. Please ensure that someone will be around to receive your delivery to place the cold brew into the refrigerator immediately.