[Bettr x Wildness] Bold & Wild Coffee Chocolate (40g)

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About this product

Wildness Dark Chocolate with Bettr Coffee Bold Heart Beans. This chocolate is two forms of comfort in one bite. Freshly roasted bettr coffee bold heart beans resemble flecks of gold nestled into the wildness organic chocolate. A burst of coffee crunch accentuates the smooth, dark chocolate.


Wildness Asia

Collaborating with APSN CFA, Wildness Asia provides equal work opportunities for trainees and create an inclusive society through the art of chocolate making and baking. Wildness is an Organic Chocolate Manufacturer and is a Social Enterprise registered in Singapore. They started in New Zealand in 2014 and are based in Rimutaka prison benefiting the inmates by empowering them with skills in chocolate manufacturing processes. We are the first in New Zealand to provide full wages to inmates behind bars. All our product packaging is printed locally with sustainable soy-ink with bio-degradable paper and sleeves in NZ and SG.