Bold Heart - Single Drip Coffee (Box of 10)

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About This Coffee
This coffee speaks to the boldest of hearts. Bettr Coffee Co.'s signature house blend is designed to appeal to a stronger palate, incorporating chocolatey, intense characteristics that make a heavier-bodied and comforting cup.

- Grown upon steep Colombian mountain slopes with strong, refreshing winds - Las Brisas
- Alilu Estate goes back 3 generations of family operations
- Alilu Estate beans are grown 1000m above sea level with water from nearby Perennial springs
- The bold statement of Indian beans finds its balance with the delicate citric notes of Colombian beans
- Includes beans grown with holistic, sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices at the farm level

- Box of 10 individual sachets

- Colombia Las Brisas
- Southern India Coorg Karnataka Alilu Estate 

Tasting Notes:
- Citrus, Prune, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Finish