Clever Coffee Dripper (11 oz) with Paper Filters (100pcs)

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About This Item
Achieve quality coffee within minutes with the Clever Dripper, every coffee lover's handy brewing tool! Versatile and easy to use, the Clever Coffee Dripper's valve allows you to control your brewing immersion, enabling you to produce a clean and flavourful extraction. The dripper will only draw your brew down once it is set on top of a cup as the cup’s brim engages and releases its valve at the bottom.  

A combination of French press and pourover brewer.
- No room for mess! Easy to use and clean as the clever filter is able to collect and catch unwanted sediment. Simply remove and dispose of the filter once done brewing.
- 100% BPA-free Plastic, high impact-resistant and durable for long-lasting use.
- 11 oz, holds 325ml. 

- Includes Clever Dripper Paper Filters (S) (100 pcs), a coaster and a lid.

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