Ethiopia Idedo Yirgacheffe - Natural G1 - Kefyalew Mekuria - Anniversary Edition Coffee Beans (200g)

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About This Coffee
This year we celebrate our 10th year anniversary. A Decade of Dedication to the social contribution, our people, love of coffee, and using business as a force for good. To celebrate 10 years done Bettr, we have lined up ten special Anniversary Edition coffee, each chosen for their significance in Bettr's decade of dedication. 

This delicate microlot comes to us through the Lulo Promise. Our direct trade partner, Lulo Coffee, works with farmers providing them access to buyers with the promise to pass most of the income – up to 88% – on to the farmers and to support smallholder farmers with larger than average coffee farm sizes to directly become farmer-exporters. 

We buy from Mr. Kefyalew Mekuria’s naturally processed microlot from Idedo, in the Yirgacheffe region of southwest Ethiopia. His organically grown coffee’s varietal is a local landrace, which refers to a genetically diverse and locally adapted cultivated plant that has a distinct, historical origin and identity. This local landrace coffee uses composts and the garden coffee farm approach with mixed-crop plots of other fruits and food staples, resulting in a rich soil health and unique flavours of hibiscus, lychee and white chocolate.


Local Landraces

Processing Method:
Natural Process

Tasting Notes:
Hibiscus, Lychee, White Chocolate

Our Anniversary coffees are roasted to order, allowing us to serve you with coffee of quality and freshness. Orders received by 12pm on Friday will be placed into next week's roasting schedule on Monday or Tuesday and will be delivered in 4 - 10 working days.

If you opt to self-collect your beans, please do so within the week of receiving your pick-up notification to ensure the freshness of your beans.