Heart Blend Taster Box (Limited Edition)

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About This Product
Feel the beats of our signature Heart Blend across 3 different product types in our new Heart Blend Taster Box bundle. Featuring products made from our signature blend of beans, enjoy the unforgettable taste of our Heart Blend in a Single Drip coffee, our ever popular Black Cold Brew, and our brand new caffeinated beer - It'd Bettr Be Beer! Our signature Heart Blend beats with a nuanced, balanced combination of coffees connecting three continents across the globe.

Each bundle contains:
3x It'd Bettr Be Beer (330ml)
3x Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Black (320ml)
1x Heart Blend Single Drip Coffee (Box of 10)

Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew (Black) best consumed within 2 weeks from production date (Keep cool and refrigerated)
It'd Bettr Be Beer best enjoyed chilled. 5.3% ABV.

By purchasing this item, you consent that you are of legal drinking age.