Cafemasy Mini Knockbox (Black)

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About This Item 

The cafemasy mini knock box is the perfect fit for your home coffee bar setup! It has the ideal size to store a decent amount of coffee pucks and is portable, making it easy to store under countertops or in kitchen drawers.

Great Quality
Designed for home brewers to carefully and efficiently dispose of their used coffee grounds, this mini knock box is durable and sturdy. It is made from ABS plastic material which is able to prevent bacterial growth from inside. The anti-slip design at the bottom also offers more stability when knocking the coffee pucks.

Ergonomically Designed
A bayonet deep bay design prevents the coffee pucks from splashing when you dispose of them and its 45 degrees opening allows you to easily and safely dispose coffee pucks from the portafilter.

Detachable Knock Bar
The cafemasy espresso knock bar is made of aluminum, covered in rubber and stainless steel edges. The rubber design is able to reduce the noise and protect the handle of your portafilter. The detachable knock bar makes it convenient to clean.

- Detachable knock bar
- Length: 3.4", Width: 3.4", Height: 4.5"
- Wash: Rinse in mild detergent

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