Myanmar Ywar Ngan Blend - Coffee Beans (250g)

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About This Coffee
The Myanmar Ywar Ngan Blend was conceptualised as the blending together of all that is good, memorable, and simplified in our lives. The year has been an unusual one, full of opportunity to reflect but also look ahead.

The blend of our organisingle origin coffees is crafted for you to create your own memorable moment with this cup of coffee. Pause and taste at how the flavour profiles of washed, semi-washed, and natural processed organic coffees come together in this special blend.

- Myanmar Ywar Ngan Natural
- Myanmar Ywar Ngan Semi-Washed
- Myanmar Ywar Ngan Fully Washed

Tasting Notes:
- Monk Fruit , Chocolate , Spice

If you opt to self-collect your beans, please do so within the week of receiving your pick up notification to ensure the freshness of your beans.