Nicaragua Matagalpa Finca Idealista Pacas Rainforest Microlot - Coffee Beans 250g

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About This Coffee
Innovation is endless in specialty coffee. This variety, Pacas, is a natural mutation of Bourbon and it is the first lot of Pacas that our partner Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua has produced. What stands out about Pacas is the sweet, refreshing juiciness of sugarcane and clementines. This vibrance and quality is a result of Finca Idealista’s biodiverse surroundings.

Finca Idealista is GMCG’s flagship farm, located adjacent to a nature reserve that GMCG bought to conserve and protect its flora and fauna. The cool microclimate of the rainforest means natural air-conditioning for the coffee grown in Finca Idealista, and in turn the cooler temperatures lengthen the process of the coffee cherry maturing, allowing greater absorption of natural sugars.

Coffee pickers on Finca Idealista are paid double local rates in Nicaragua, and the ecosystem is treated with only organic and regenerative inputs and practices such as using mushrooms to kill insects instead of pesticides, volcanic filters to separate mucilage coffee waste water from entering the watershed, and roosting chickens above the farm’s compost to infuse it with nitrogen. We’re excited to bring a sweet, Nicaraguan Paca coffee to Singapore alongside supporting the progress and innovation of GMCG.


- Nicaragua

- Pacas

- Washed

Tasting notes:
- Clementine, sugar cane, juicy body 

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