Premium Gift Set - Single Drip Coffee

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About This Bundle
Buying gifts every holiday season shouldn't be a chore or a ritual - it can be a practice of paying it forward by putting your money towards things that have a positive impact for both your loved ones and for those who made them.

Do away with the mess of cleaning up coffee grinds, prepping your machine or brewing gadget, but without compromising on quality, with our single drip coffee. Wrap it all up in an eco-friendly, drawstring pouch and includes a reusable coffee cup to complete the drinking experience!

- Bettr rCUP (8 oz) -The world's first coffee cup made from recycled paper cups; 100% leak-proof, dishwasher safe and recyclable
- Eco-friendly Drawstring Pouch* - Made from 100% hemp woven fibre with no toxic dyes (Size: 21cm (W) x 25.5cm (H) x 7cm (Base))
* From November 2020 onwards, there is an updated design for the pouch featuring specialty and heritage illustrations.

Bundle contains:
- 3 x Bold Heart Single Drip Coffee
- 3 x Heart Blend Single Drip Coffee
- Bettr rCUP (8 oz)
- Eco-friendly Drawstring Pouch

Things Just Got a Little Bit Bettr
We've included a complimentary greeting card when you are ordering for your family, friends and colleagues. We'll write the card for you and delivery it together with the order. It's sure to make someone's day!

Drop us a note at to indicate that it is a gift and leave your message for him/her for the personalised message on the complimentary greeting card. Please include your order number in the email.