Coffee Bundle - Signature Blend (4 x 250g)

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About This Bundle
Buy more, save more! Enjoy your favourite signature blend as a bundle of 4 bags (250g, same blend) and save 10-12%, compared to ala carte purchase.

Bundle Contains 4 packs of one of the following:
- Heart Blend Coffee Beans (250 g)
- Bold Heart Coffee Beans (250 g)
- Versa Coffee Beans (250 g)


About This Coffee - Heart Blend

Our signature Heart Blend keeps our pulse steady day in, day out. While a cherished favourite for the past decade, the new composition elevates the blend to a stronger heartbeat symbolising our strength in the past 10 years. 

The Heart Blend now comprises naturally-processed coffees from the two powerhouses of coffee: Ethiopia and Brazil. Our Ethiopian coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idedo, Kefyalew Mekuria comes from a naturally processed microlot in the Yirgacheffe region of southwest Ethiopia. This delicate coffee’s varietal is a local landrace, which refers to a genetically diverse and locally adapted cultivated plant. This coffee uses composts and the garden coffee farm approach with mixed-crop plots of other fruits and food staples, resulting in rich soil health and unique flavours of hibiscus, lychee and white chocolate. 

Our Brazilian coffee, Brazil Cafe Delas is a catuai varietal and had undergone a natural processing method. This coffee comes from Olam's Café Delas program which helps women farmers access the education and resources they need to expand their operations to their fullest potential and profit is reinvested in programs that promote gender equality and empower women, coffee farmers. 

This combination results in a harmonious blend with notes of ripe red berries, peach and white chocolate. 

$59 for 4 bags of 250g (Usual Price: $17 per bag)

- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idedo, Kefyalew Mekuria

- Brazil Cafe Delas

Tasting Notes: 
- Red Berries, Peach, White Chocolate


About This Coffee - Bold Heart
This coffee speaks to the boldest of hearts. Bettr Coffee Co.'s signature house blend is designed to appeal to a stronger palate, incorporating chocolatey, intense characteristics that make a heavier-bodied and comforting cup. The bold statement of Indian beans finds it balance with the delicate citric notes of Colombian beans.

$59 for 4 bags of 250g (Usual Price: $17 per bag)

- Colombian Finca Las Brisas
- Southern India Coorg Karnataka

Tasting Notes:
- Citrus, Prune, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Finish


About This Coffee - Versa
This is one of our most popular house blends composing of 100% premium quality Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia. These beans are blended to yield a wonderfully versatile blend that is bold and robust, yet fun and friendly to all palettes. This is a local crowd’s favourite with intense dark chocolate and nutty notes finished off with a sweet caramel aftertaste.

$54 for 4 bags of 250g (Usual Price: $15 per bag)

- Brazil Alta Mogiana Monjolinho Fine Superior
- Colombia Supremo Huila

Tasting Notes:
- Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Nutty

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