Single Origin Assortment Plan - Coffee Beans (250g)

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About This Subscription

Enjoy coffees from different parts of the world with Our Single Origin Assortment plan, consisting of quality beans sourced from coffee powerhouses such as Ethiopia, Nicaragua and many more. The origin and the conditions that they grew in contribute to the coffee's unique characteristics and the processing methods bring out the different flavour profiles and tasting notes.

With every Single Origin Series Subscription, you'll receive a bag of freshly roasted beans on your doorstep at the interval of your choosing, with a doorstep delivery service at a subsidised fee of $2. We currently offer subscriptions at 1, 2, 3 or 4-week intervals, you are also able to specify the number of bags you'd like per delivery (quantity) - if you'd like more! This is a recurring order with no binding period, and you will have the flexibility to edit the subscription according to your coffee consumption level.

What's more, we may treat you to our seasonal coffees from different origins, varietals and processing methods. This allows you to try out more coffees and discover the perfect cup for you. While most of the current coffees are usually in 250g bags, these higher value coffees will come in smaller bags.

The coffees in current rotation are:
- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga G1
- Nicaragua Finca Idealista Natural
- Nicaragua Finca Idealista Honey Process
- Nicaragua Los Milagros Don Isidro Red Mulled Wine Microlot
Nicaragua Las Mercedes Roger & Isabel Tropical Fruit Symphony
- Seasonal Single Origin Coffees

- If you do not have a coffee grinder, you may opt for a grind options (Whole beans, French Press, Filter and Espresso) when placing your order - we will assist with the grinding and re-sealing of chosen coffee beans for brewing.

The subscription charge will be billed prior to each scheduled delivery.

Sustainable Delivery Service

We strive to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of your journey with us. Through our delivery partner, 100% of carbon emissions for orders placed on our website and delivered via their platform are offset.

How does it work?
They measure the amount of carbon generated in each delivery and purchase carbon offsets to support projects that lessen greenhouse gas emissions. This conscious effort supports a sustainable future and reduces climate impact.


How Bettr Subscriptions Work
Step 1: Register
Sign up for a subscription service, based on your preferred frequency.

Step 2: Confirm your delivery date
Look out for the email to confirm your upcoming delivery, charges will occur prior.

Step 3: Watch out for the freshest beans!
All orders will be shipped out within 3-8 working days.

To register for the subscription, please do not use PayPal Express and PayNow checkout option.
You may refer to our FAQs pertaining to subscriptions here.