[Bettr x Wildness] The Easy Brew Starter Pack - Anniversary Edition

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About This Pack
Looking for an easy way to get your everyday dose of caffeine? Carefully packed in our eco-friendly drawstring pouch, THE EASY BREW STARTER PACK - ANNIVERSARY EDITION consists of 5 assorted drip bags that are easy and convenient to use - anywhere, anytime! A sweet surprise is also waiting for you from our Bold & Wild anniversary chocolate coffee made with Bold Heart beans —  in collaboration with Wildness Asia that you can easily pair with your drink. With your palette bursting with different flavours, find out the different tasting notes our single drip coffees has to offer through our tasting notes card.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wildness Asia and their delicious chocolate, they work with APSN CFA to provide equal work opportunities for trainees and create an inclusive society through the art of chocolate making and baking. They started in New Zealand in 2014, working with inmates to empower them with skills in the Chocolate manufacturing process.

We find ourselves in great alignment with their purpose, working towards sustainability, integrity and creating an inclusive work environment.

Pack contains:
- 5 single-serve drip bags:

  • 3x Bold Heart Signature Blend
  • 1x Ecuador Finca Cruz Loma Caturra Honey - Grace Morales
  • 1x Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon

Bold & Wild anniversary coffee chocolate (40g)

  • 57% dark chocolate with roasted coffee beans

- Eco-friendly Drawstring Pouch* - Made from 100% hemp woven fibre with no toxic dyes (Size: 21cm (W) x 25.5cm (H) x 7cm (Base))

Single drip coffee tasting notes:

Bold Heart Signature Blend: 
Citrus, Prune, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Finish
This coffee speaks to the boldest of hearts. Bettr Coffee Co's signature house blend appeals to a stronger palate, incorporating chocolatey, intense characteristics for a heavier -bodied and comforting cup. The bold statement of Indian beans is balanced by delicate citric notes of Colombian beans. 

Ecuador Finca Cruz Loma Caturra Honey-Grace Morales: 
Figs, Speculoos, Blackcurrant 
Grace Morales Flores' coffee from Finca Cruz Loma is our first from Ecuador. The word Cruz means a crossing, and Grace's farm is a place where paths cross and families come together to produce quality coffee. Finca Cruz Loma is brought to us by Carevela, our first B-Corp coffee importer partner. 

Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon: 
Bourbon Plum, Red Apple, Dark Chocolate 
This washed Bourbon from Rwanda has classic, crisp, sweet notes of plum, red apple, and dark chocolate. 90% of Kinunu Agroprocessing's farmers in western Rwanda are women, and the family farm supports community development in the area.