The Singles Club Limited Edition - Single Drip Coffee (Box of 6)

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About This Coffee
Diversity is what makes coffee such a versatile, beloved beverage. Send your taste buds on a festive around the globe to six different coffee origins. 

Delight a coffee-lover (or treat yourself!) with a ride around the world to taste the coffees of Ethiopia to Colombia, Timor-Leste to Panama and more. This box includes six unique coffees, all tied up and ready to celebrate in simple single drip sachets. 

Box of 6 individual sachets:
- Panama Finca La Valentina Catuai Washed
- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga G1
- Kenya Mukarimu Estate AB
- Myanmar Ywar Ngan Natural
- Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Suspiros
- Colombia Excelso SWP Decaf

Tasting Notes:
Panama Finca La Valentina Catuai Washed - Citrus, Apricot, Winey, Honey sweetness
- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga G1 - Floral, Stone fruits , Black Tea
- Kenya Mukarimu Estate AB - Stone Fruits, Sun-dried Tomato, Brown Sugar
- Myanmar Ywar Ngan Natural - Red Apple, Jujubee (Red Dates), Lemon
- Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Suspiros - Orange, Blueberry, Darjeeling Black Tea
- Colombia Excelso SWP Decaf - Medium Body, Tangy, Dark Cocoa

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